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2006 Mustang GT Convertible
2023 Raffle Rules

AGLC Raffle License # 626403

  1. Tickets to be sold at $20.00 each or 6 for $100.00. Only 2502 tickets printed.

  2. Ticket purchaser must be 18 years of age or older and the name of a minor must not be
    written on the ticket.  

  3. Members of the River City Classics & Eamon’s Garage Historical Society and their family
    members are eligible to purchase raffle tickets and enter into draws.

  4. The minimum number of tickets that must be sold before requesting a draw date
    extension is 700.

  5. The draw date for this raffle is September 29, 2024 and the draw will be held at the
    River City Classics & Eamon’s Garage Historical Society High River Down Town Car Show
    fundraiser located at 403 1st Street SE, High River at 2:30 PM and is open to the public.

  6. The draw tickets will be placed in a rotating drum with a member of the public not
    holding a ticket or an interest in the draw will pull the winning ticket.

  7. The winner of the draw will receive a used blue 2006 Mini Cooper S Convertible as advertised.

  8. A cash in lieu option is not available.

  9. The winner will be contacted immediately after the draw and will have 90 days to claim
    and pick up the prize. If the prize is not claimed within 90 days, the Society will request
    from AGLC to have the prize donated back to the Society.

  10. Should the ticket purchaser wish to request to cancel their raffle ticket for a refund, a
    written request is required from the buyer that he/she does not wish to participate. The
    request must contact the Raffle chairman, Gina Crawford at 403 601 0071 at least two
    days prior to the draw date.

  11. If more than one name is written on the winning ticket stub, the prize will be awarded
    to only one of the individuals named on the ticket stub. Neither the RCCEGHS nor AGLC
    is responsible for any disputes among individuals whose name are written on the ticket

  12. In the event of a complaint or dispute the Raffle chairman Gina Crawford at 403 601 0071 is to be contacted.

  13. Only tickets that have been paid for, and verified as paid for, shall be eligible for the draw.

  14. The winner's name will be published online.

  15. The River City Classics & Eamon’s Garage Historical Society is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets or tickets redeemed in error by its agents.

  16. The winner of the car must take possession of the vehicle within 7 days from the time the prize is claimed. The title transfer, delivery or transportation costs and insurance is the responsibility of the winner.

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