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Topics include: 
  1. Owners manual - where is it and have you read it?

  2. Fluids -  what they do and how to check them.

  3.  How to check your oil and how often should you change it?  What oil to use?

  4. Check your engine filter, how and where?

  5.  Battery. Where is it?  How to jump start?

  6. Tires. Check pressure? How much & how to find out how much is needed? Rotate tires. When to replace tires?

  7. Spare tire. Where is the spare and how to change it?

  8. Windshield. Check wipers and how to replace them. Windshield fluid which kind to use and where do you put it?

  9. Emergency kit. What should be in the kit? What to do in an emergency on the side of the road?

  10. Trustworthy mechanic. Do you have one so you don’t get ripped off?

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